Thursday, March 26, 2009

School Picnic

On Monday the whole of Nelson Central had a picnic. It was to meet all the parents and some new children at school.We played games which were tug-of-war, egg and spoon races and a sack race for children. I liked the egg and spoon race because they were Easter eggs and you got to eat them at the end. I didn't do that race. Jenna was playing with me at the time. We bought a Juicey and played tug-of-war and we played with my skipping rope. I waited until my Juicey melted so I could drink it instead.


On March 23 it was the School picnic. We had dinner there and there were games too. There was a tug of war, egg and spoon races, sack races and 3-legged races. They used Easter eggs for the egg and spoon race! At the very end there was a lolly scramble. My mum and brother went in the 3-legged race. I did the sack race and came second. I also went in the tug-of-war. I got dragged along the ground. We lost but I still enjoyed it. It was a fun day.

School Picnic

On the 23rd it was our school picnic and everyone was invited.It was awesomw fun. There was a freee bouncey castle but it hardly bounced and you couldn't walk on it! There were Juiceys for one dollar, cheap. It was so much fun because there were heaps of races like sack races, 3 legged races, egg and spoon races - so much fun! Did I forget the tug-of-war? If you went you wouldn't forget it!
On Monday the School community group decided to have a party. It started at 5.30. When people arrived there at the front field there was a bouncey castle so I went on. luke was on the bouncey castle too. The bouncey castle was really cool. Next there was an egg and spoon race! Then there was a sack race and emily won and i came second. In the 3 legged race me and grace wanted to be partners so we practised then we had to do it. Grace and I came second again! At the end there was a tug-of war and the boys won. After that there was a lolly scramble.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

School Picnic

On Monday March 23 my family and me went to the school picnic. When I got there I started to eat dinner. Then I went to the Juicey table and bought a Juicey. After my Juicey the games were on. The first game was the sack race and I won it! While the big kids were doing it I went on the bouncey castle but it wasn't very bouncey! Then it was the egg and spoon race and i came second. after that it was the 3 legged race but i didn't do it because I didn't have a partner so I did the tug-of-war and we won! I got 2 lollies at the lolly scramble.

Maui exhibition, Suter gallery

Last week room 3 went to the Suter gallery. When we walked in to the gallery we were amazed at the pretty art works. We saw lamps made out of flowers and saw a gianr shell. It was cool! It was almost time to go but we had an activity to do before we went. We can't wait to go again.

Suter gallery

Last Thursday Room3 went to the Suter Gallery. the exhibition was called Maui and it was all about the past. It had some cool pictures. Also this Tuesday we went back to the Suter again. This time the exhibition was called White Gold. It was about cows. The cows had symbols on them that stood for companies. We drew some cows and put something on them that stands for what we are like at school. We have yet to finish these.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Suter Gallery - Maui Exhibition

On Thursday last week Room 3 went to the Suter Art Gallery. We sat down in the centre of the room while Esther explained a bit about the exhibition. next we were sent off into groups and talked about the art works. Our group talked about the monkey. It looked like it belonged at a temple. The parents wrote all of our ideas on a piece of paper. Esther stopped all the groups and everybody reported back and said their ideas. Then we got to do some art work of our own. The parents got silver building paper some scissors and a vivid pen and we copied shell shapes. then we went back to school. It was so exciting, I like going to the Suter!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tutus on tour

Last Thursday some Nelson Central children went to see the ballet. It was called Tutus on tour. They were on tiptoes all the time! There were lots of girls dancing with boys. What a lot of dancers. There was break-dancing too! Some people had already been to see Tutus on tour but some had not. It was great fun and we were glad we went. We enjoyed it alot.

Rights and Responsibilities

A few weeks ago we made classroom rules. Some people had great ideas. First we talked about our rights and our responsibilities too. We decided that while we are at school we have a right to go to school, not to be disturbed, to work and concentrate, to listen, to be safe and have fun, to have friends and to have privacy
We also have a responsibility to be at school on time, to not disturb others, to ignore others and stay on task, to let people listen, to keep safe, to look after each other, to look after our things and our school and to touch only our own things.


(Thanks to Sally and Helen for use of their photos!)
On Thursday some of Room 3 went to see the ballet. We went in a bus to a special performance just for children. It was not only ballet it was other dances too. A man did two back flips without stopping. There were some boys doing ballet with the girls. It was funny because it looked like some girls were fighting over one boy! They all looked really pretty.
I am really pleased I went to the ballet because it was great.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Jo is our drama teacher and on the first day we had to say “I am the ruler of the Universe” It was embarrassing. She chose two winners - one girl and one boy and the winners were Logan and Isabella.

On the second day we had to say “abracadabra” and also pretended we had won Lotto.

On day three we played shipwreck we had to go to port, starboard, scrubbing the decks, climbing the riggings, bombs ahead, man over board, captain’s drunk, shark and life boats. We always have fun at drama!