Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Seven Star Fishes

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Matariki Inquiry study

In our Matariki study we are looking at tools and objects from Maori culture before the pakeha people came. Each group has chosen one area from the Te Papa website Matariki exhibition and found out some information about the use and importanceof some of the artefacts. We have done our own sketches of the artefacts. Some people chose Maori gardening tools, food gathering artefacts , Maori musical instruments, Medicine, Poi or weaving. We will put our information and sketches on a digital information sheet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Science with Sarah

Last Friday Sarah came into our class and picked nine people to do science. Sarah is a Student Teacher. First we went outside and did some rubbings of bark on trees. When we were finished we came back inside and she got some pictures of animals, fur and feathers. We had to match the pictures to the animals. When we were finished we went back to class. The next week on Thursday we did science again. She bought her laptop, shells and some books. Everyone had a group with three people in it. My group started with shells and we had to find differences and similarities and write them down.
Next I went to the laptop and it had a slideshow of big cats and we did the same, then my group went to the corner where the bird books were. The next activity was to go outside and find a place where an animal can live. Then we chose an animal and drew the animal and where it lives on a piece of pape. Then we shared what we had done.That science was fun

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cross Country

NCG concert

On Thursday 4th of June the NGG music group came and performed about 6 songs for as .It was really really good .It wasn’t as big as Nelson Central Schools choir. In the first song a girl was dressed up as a Lion because the song was called Lion king. We all clapped when the last song was played. It was fun. There were lots of instruments in the music.

Cross Country (Read more in our Kidz Stuff blog)

When I went to our school cross country it was fun. People cheered for me. I was happy that I didn’t come last. I was exhausted. My feet hurt afterwards when I sat down. Eventually my feet stopped hurting and then I went back to class.