Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our blogging rules

When publishing our work on the blog or commenting on others work we need to:

  • Not make inappropriate comments or ones that might offend or upset people.
  • Keep your comments positive and relevant.
  • Do not put anyone's last name or contact details on the blog site (including your own).
  • Try to put nice photos of people on the site. Ask people's permission if you want to use their photos.
  • Get someone else to check your spelling before you publish your work.


  1. cool rules guys!!! The rules that you have made are very sensible and mature i would like to come and visit your school somtime and maybe enrole my daughter in there when she's older well i gotta go hope to see you somtime seeya!!!!!!

  2. you should put more stuff but i like the way
    you set out your blog room 3

  3. nice. lots of colour .its cool

  4. Dear room 3 we hope you are having fun in your new classroom from omar and max rm6.

  5. coooooooooooool as I like it